Educational Activities

Space engineering and training

SPACECIALIST has a rich experience in Space engineering and training, as well as designing and operating Nanosats.
We offer space and engineering-related education through the following 4 different programs:


Near Space Experiment - Stratospheric Balloon

The Spanish company Zero2Infinity, is a well-known company with global experience in operating stratospheric balloons. Zero2Infinity balloons reaches the lower area of the stratosphere (approximately 50 kilometres), those unique balloons, have high precision soft landing capabilities which allow the recovery of the experiment equipment safely back to earth.

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Space Camp

SPACECIALIST has teamed up with SPIRE (A US based new space company) to enable students (age 12 and up) to access and operate real satellite in space.

The first and second satellites in that series were launched successfully out of the international space station in November 2013; the third satellite was successfully launched on the ‘Dnepr’ lunch in June 2014. More satellites are planned to be launched during next year.

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series of space related lectures

SPACECIALIST specializes in space and offers a series of space related lectures, the lecture that SPACECIALIST offers are suitable for 7th grade and up. The lectures are tailored to the level of the participants (by age and major studies)

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Lectures for the young

Mrs. Adi Ninio-Greenberg, a former researcher in laboratory of planetary sciences research in the Tel Aviv University comets department is giving a series of space related lectures adapted for elementary school. Mrs. Ninio-Greenberg has extensive experience in science and space teaching and lecturing for elementary school.

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Useful space applications

Check our verius spae application...

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Asteroid Zoo

Scientists are scanning our solar system for asteroids with the Catalina Sky Survey. They need your help to find asteroids for the exploration of their mineral properties!.

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