Our Team

Maya Glickman, CEO and CKO

With more than 10 years of hands-on experience, Maya Glickman is SPACECIALIST's satellite mission analysis, operations expert and MASTER STK certified. Maya was a Senior Satellite Engineer of communications satellite with wide experience in satellite operations, personnel training, operational procedure writing and new satellite engineers and operators training. Maya was part of the AMOS-3 development team, LEOP and IOT missions as well as the AMOS-1 end of life mission team.
Maya has been using STK regularly since Version 4.0 and became the STK technical support person in Israel at Synergy (STK agent) during 2004, before becoming a satellite engineer.

Maya has a B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering and M.E in System Engineering, both from the Technion Aerospace faculty, and is also a graduate of the 2003 ISU summer session program in Adelaide, Australia.

During the years 2000-2003 Maya used STK in space mission analysis at REFAEL space directorate.

During the years 2003-2005 Maya was the teaching assistant for the 'Fundamentals of Space Engineering' undergraduate course and the STK contact person and instructor, tutoring more than 100 students in the principles (and secrets) of STK and Space Engineering.

During the years 2000-2005 at the Technion Faculty of Aerospace Engineering she was the chairperson of the Israeli Space Student Form and Aerospace faculty student body, in change of organizing the annual space student conference for over 100 participants three year in a row.

Maya is also a Yoga Instructor

Meidad Pariente, CTO and Bizdev 

With more than 19 years of hands-on experience, Meidad is SPACECIALIST's Chief Technical Officer. Meidad holds a B.Sc in Physics from Tel Aviv University and a M.E. in Systems Engineering from the Technion. Meidad started as AMOS-1 satellite operator while he was a student. After graduation Meidad joined AMOS-2 system engineering group, and was responsible for integrated Functional Tests of end-to-end Ground and Space segments performance. He was the Deputy Mission Manager responsible for low earth orbit operations (LEOP) and in-orbit testing (IOT).
After AMOS-2 commissioning. Meidad Led a team of Israeli engineers and scientists designing the VENμS project, a joint Israeli-French hyperspectral satellite. As the chief system engineer, he was responsible for overall mission design and budget. His design, budgets and work plan were presented to CNES-ISA steering committee and received a 'green light' to proceed.Meidad continued onwards and was assigned as AMOS-3 chief system engineer, at the age of 34. Meidad was responsible for overall satellite and mission design and performance, lead the underwriters road-show and technical Q's & A's with remarkable excellence, and was mission director during LEOP and IOT, which proved to be a challenging task, due to a non-nominal injection of AMOS-3.
After successful commissioning of AMOS-3, Meidad joined a team of space experts consulting SPACECOM in the AMOS-5 project, a communications satellite built by the Russian company ISS and French-Italian Company Thales Alenia Space.
In 2010 Meidad left IAI to promote the civilian space industry in Israel and managed since then to help build a space directorate at Elbit systems Ltd, Start the New-Space company "Effective Space Solutions" and launch the first Israeli, and second in the world high-school students Nanosatellite.

Dr Ana B. Heller, VP Education and Outreach

Ana holds a PhD degree in "Astrophysics", and an MsC degree in "Geophysics and Planetary Sciences" from Tel Aviv University, Israel.  Originally from Argentina, from 1972 Ana lives in Israel previously receiving her BsC graduation in Astronomy from the National University of La Plata.
After many years in the academy, working  at the Wise astronomical observatory  on Photometry and Spectroscopy for the study of variable stars, quasars, star formation in dwarf irregular galaxies, and the design of the "Tel Aviv Ultra Violet telescope" (TAUVEX),  Ana joined  the aerospace industry  and participated as a researcher  in the Eros and Ofek satellites projects.
In 2002 Ana developed and implemented the first program in Israel to teach space and satellite technologies to undergraduate k9-k12 students at the Handasaim School of the Tel Aviv University. In 2004, Ana was honored by the National Recanatti award -"Outstanding National Teacher in Israel"- for her work in promoting an educational platform to train the future personnel of the Space Industry in hands-on, real-life projects.
In 2005, Ana founded, the Herzliya Space Laboratory (HSL), an educational program for the youth, with a modern satellite ground station and an efficient clean-room. As director of HSL, she successfully enlists Israel in the QB50 international project of 50 satellites to be launched on 2016. However, her most outstanding achievement and following her dreams, was recently on June 2014,  when Ana lead her  young students to the  launch of  the First Israel nano satellite "Duchifat-1". The project was supported by the Israeli Space Agency and the Israeli Ministry of Science, Technology and Space.
Today Ana joined the SPACECIALIST team as the" VP of education and outreach". She is committed to expand her vision and implement outreach strategies to promote from early stage talented students to science and technology.

Vera Gutman, B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering

Vera holds a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from Tel Aviv university. Vera became a part of the aerospace industry in 2008 when joind the IAI as a satellite operator in the geostationary GCS of AMOS satellites.
In 2012 Vera joined our team at SPACECIALIST as Space and Mechanical Engineer and as a STEM education coordinator.
Vera is also STK certified.

Noam Bar, B.Sc Aerospace Engineering

Noam holds a B.Sc in Aerospace Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa. He also finished a special program "Lahav Executive Education" of  Recanati Business School, Tel-Aviv University.
During the years 2009-2012 Noam worked as an economic journalist for the TheMarker daily newspaper, from Haaretz group.

Ng Wee Meng, Intern

Wee Meng is a third year Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) student from the National University of Singapore. Being part of the Satellite Systems Design track of the Design Centric Program in his university, he is extremely interested in the small satellites field. For his third year project, he worked on designing a COTS GPS subsystem for nano-satellites. He has recently participated in the Singapore Space Challenge 2014 and his team emerged second in the mini-satellites category.He is on a 6 month working stint at Spacecialist and will also be participating in the exchange program at the Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration, Tel Aviv University, in spring term 2015.

Daniel Toma, IT and Technical Support

In highschool Daniel took part in a Cubesat project in Hertsliya's students' Space laboratory. In 2010 his project was awarded an honorary award in the Israel Young Scientist competition. In 2014 he joined our team at SPACECIALIST.
Daniel is a second year student for B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering at Tel Aviv university.