Lectures for the young


Mrs. Adi Ninio-Greenberg, a former researcher in laboratory of planetary sciences research in the Tel Aviv University comets department is giving a series of space related lectures adapted for elementary school. Mrs. Ninio-Greenberg has extensive experience in science and space teaching and lecturing for elementary school.

The series of lectures, entitled "excellence in Space" is aimed to promote curiosity along with creative and technological thinking, via space studies.

 “Excellence Space in Space” includes:

  • The Big Bang and how the universe was created
  • The solar system
  • Earth
  • The Moon
  • Mission to Mars
  • International Space Station
  • Inventions from Space industry into our daily living
  • The future in space

Other lectures that can be included:

  • Data fusion - The power of data fusion for building a full and comprehensive essential data for civilian, commercial and military uses. This lecture will explain how satellites are collecting multi-layer data and how it's reconstructed
  • Tactical space – a novel concept that promotes the use of space
  • Rosetta mission - a mission to the studying of the relationship between comets and life in the solar system.
  • "Remote sensing”
    • Special means for Remote sensing – advanced sensors, Multispectral, Hyperspectral, thermal and SAR
    • Image processing - Decoding satellite images and data from different sensors and the ways to receive multi-layered information.